6 thoughts on “Sprinkle Happiness

  1. I have struggled with migraines for a long time too. No treatments have ever worked until I realized mine were primarily related to what I was eating. I have felt much better since I have changed my diet. Since it was such a struggle to figure this out, and it is now difficult to figure out what to eat, I’m posting my recipes and thoughts with the hope that others will find something helpful.

    Your cards are beautiful – I love the colors:)

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  2. Thank you so much! I enjoy making the cards.

    I have found only a few food items that set off my migraines – artificial colors and alcohol are two of them! Isn’t it funny how all of us who suffer with migraines have different triggers? That’s why there isn’t a reliable treatment for them, I’m sure.

    I love that you are sharing your journey with others in case they find it helpful. I know how difficult navigating food allergies or sensitivities can be as my daughter was recently diagnosed with several food allergies (carrots, celery, peaches, soy, all tree nuts, apples – I’ve probably forgotten a few). It’s been an adventure!


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