An Assortment of Cards

This was an exceptionally busy card making day for me! I played with a stamp set I’ve never used before. I finished up old projects and came up with new designs. It was fun!

This first card is the stamp set I hadn’t used before. It turned out pretty nice, I think. I like the contrast of the bright red and the vivid blue.image

This Easter card was created from some bits and pieces that were sent to me by my good friend, Emma Rose. She sent me an entire box of goodies and now I am playing with them all.image

The next four are also bits from Emma Rose and some pieces of my own. You might recognize the stacked circles from the first card above, only here they are in colors to match the patterned paper. image




Here we have 12 little notelets. These measure 4″ x 4″.  Again, some of these parts were from Emma Rose. I came up with the design and stamped the adorable little animals. There are a total of 12 of these little cuties.image







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