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Another Great Day

Today was very cold for our area! Even the dogs were in a hurry to come home from their morning walk today. I didn’t argue with them!

Quite a few Emma Rose cards here tonight. In fact, all of these are made of things she has given to me recently. We have two vintage style cards which could be used for men, a happy yellow flower card that says Hello and makes you smile, three notelets (approximately 4.75″ x 3.5″) which would fit gift cards perfectly, a bright Just For You card which has such happy colors, and a classic black and gold card that is suitable for so many occasions.

The vintage style cards are stamped with lovely shades of brown, bronze, teal and mustard.

The yellow flower card has teeny gems on the sentiment which really makes it stand out in my opinion. There is gold sparkle on the yellow flower itself as well. I actually have two of these available.

Just For You is amazing – the sentiment is stamped and then embossed and it really sparkles in the light!

Because You’re So Nice is also stamped and embossed in gold and it’s very classy.

And the notelets are just pure happiness. Who wouldn’t love to receive a gift card in one of these?

Which is your favorite?



3 thoughts on “Another Great Day

  1. My Many Facets says:

    I must say that I’ve really been into yellow today! So I especially like the yellow flower. BUT I’m also into genealogy so the memories one is so unique! Do you sell these on Etsy??


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