Saturday Production

I’ve spoken previously about my Emma Rose bits. The picture below shows what I mean by that. You can see four piles, red, yellow, grey and blue. Each has a little stack of paper on top. These are the bits I start with when making a card. Some of them have more pieces, some less. But mostly this is the bare bones!

The red and black heart card (which my daughter has claimed for her boyfriend tomorrow!) is made from the stack you see in the photo. I added the die cut heart and flowers as well as the stamped sentiment. Everything else is visible in that pile. I haven’t gotten to the other three yet today – life got in the way! But I should have them done tomorrow.

The Easter card is another example of Emma Rose’s bits. I only added the ribbon and the green layers.

For “The Sky Is The Limit”, I stamped and heat embossed the images and added the gold ribbon. This one is so nice and simple.

And the green vintage card – well, I really have a soft spot for vintage lately. This one came with just green and white papers and the ribbon. I stamped the background map image and added some coffee cup spill with another stamp set. I then stamped the smaller image on top, added a ribbon and there you go! Ready to go!




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