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Monday, Monday

I just love that song by The Mamas and The Papas. Mama Cass sure could sing.

Today we have three cards created from a stack of assorted bits. Picture number 1 shows what I started with. As I go through the pile, sometimes the ideas change into something other than what I first envisioned.

First we have a yellow Happy Birthday card in yellow and taupe.  The image is stamped in a beautiful copper ink which is just lovely in person. There is a yellow ribbon across the center of the card. The layers of yellow in this card really make it happy.

Beneath that we have a Celebrate card. This is quite simple in design but the finished card is lovely. The long flags are attached with gold staples on the side and it’s finished off with two buttons tied with twine to match the colors in the flags.

On the right we have a floral themed card with a beautiful turquoise ribbon across the front. The image is stamped in the same color ink as the pale turquoise card beneath it. This card could be used for so many occasions.

Finally, we have the teddy bear card. I’ll be honest here – this is a stamp set I never thought I would use. I’m not much for “cutesy” images, especially those involving lots of coloring. But I decided to go out on a limb and give him a try. Actually, I think it’s a girl bear as there is a flower in her hair. I colored the flower to match the blue in the patterned paper on the side and added a gem to match the orange in the same paper. I gave her a teeny yellow button tied with twine. I think she came out kind of cute after all.

Can’t wait to create some more cards tomorrow!





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