TMI Tuesday

Okay, I stole this title from something I read online earlier. I cannot remember the actual website where I read it, but I’m going with it. Today, in honor of TMI Tuesday, I’m showing you just exactly what a mess my craft room is most of the time. As crowded as it is in here, I know where (almost) everything is and I can put my hands on any craft item I need quite quickly.

On the left, the view in from the doorway. This is “my half” of the room. My desk is set right in the middle of the room, facing my husband’s desk. But I can see out the window. 🙂

From my chair, I can reach pretty much everything behind me in the cupboard or next to me along the back wall. It’s fairly convenient. I do have to go to another corner of the room to use my Sizzix, however.

Then, the desk. You can see I have all the important things here. My desktop computer, my empty mug of tea (hey! Why is that mug empty?).

There is also a walk in closet in this room. It contains assorted crafts that mostly belong to my two children. I have an overdoor hanging shelf system where I keep all my acrylic paints. What? You think cards are the only thing I make? Nope. I do lots of things. I like to experiment.


2 thoughts on “TMI Tuesday

  1. Wow, wow, wow! So jealous right now! I also like to have everything in reach or my work space and have rearranged my craft area many times to try and accomplish that. Considering I have way less supplies, it’s a little easier for me to do that!


  2. Don’t be jealous! We have been in this house almost 7 years and it’s finally coming together for me. It took a lot of work and thought. Working in the space and knowing how I work was the key to finally getting things functional. So pay attention to what you need and do when working and it will all come together.


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