TMI Tuesday

I might keep this TMI Tuesday going. Today was a good day. My friend came over with her kids and I helped her oldest daughter add some lovely bling to a painting she had created. And of course I forgot to take a picture! (Jennifer, if you’re reading this, send me a pic of A’s painting!)

My friend also gave me several boxes of goodies to go through. Her grandmother recently passed away and apparently she was a great crafty person. Jennifer has been bringing me lots of things  – many of which I absolutely love! So the afternoon was spent going through those things and reading up on them to see what they were and how to use them (microscope slide mailers, anyone?).

I am working on the last kit of handmade books. This involves Japanese Stab Binding and I am hoping I do it right! At this moment I am covered in glue (fingertips included – my poor keyboard and mouse suffer terribly when I craft) and I’ve only gotten ONE of the three in this set mostly put together! I am hoping to complete that job tomorrow!

So today you get pictures of what it looks like when I’m working!

Picture 1 is my dining room table after Jennifer left – these are the things I was sorting through and deciding how to use.

Picture 2 is my work space as it looks at this exact moment. It’s a mess! You can see the small book drying and lots of other “stuff” all around! Tomorrow I hope to finish all the books and show you the final outcome!




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