Altered, Upcycled

TMI Tuesday

Not sure if this will count as a TMI Tuesday, but what you see in picture 1 is the normal state of my craft desk and area. Chaos. Pure chaos. Every day it ends up looking like this and I have to make myself put things away so I can get to working on the next thing. Every.Single.Day. 🙂

Today I altered two small composition books. I’ve tried to take some photos of all the steps taken to get to the end result.

First, measurements. Not that they help me much when I’m doing something like this, but I feel as if I’m on the right track at least. It’s a starting point.

Then, supplies.  I try to get everything together before I start but I inevitably end up forgetting something important.

Next, painting. I coated the covers in a thin coat of white acrylic paint so the patterns wouldn’t show through my decorative papers. And I got it all over myself, as usual, including on my jeans. This is why I don’t have nice things.

More supplies for the stamping bit.

Letting it dry. Always important. Seems to be the thing I do most often – waiting for things to dry.

And. . .I skipped some pictures. Oh well. Here is the notebook almost ready. The next photo shows it complete.

And then we have detail pictures of each of the notebooks. Enlarge the photos so you can see the glitter details! You know how much I love glitter and sparkle.

I added an attached little book mark to each notebook as well.


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