Weird Wednesday

. . . or “Some Days Are Better Than Others”

I guess it all started last night, just as I was all cozy and about to fall asleep in my bed. The weather radio downstairs started blaring.  Down I went to listen and turn it off. Just a “severe thunderstorm” warning. Got back in bed and checked my weather app on the phone. Yep, that looks like a severe thunderstorm coming. Better shut my bedroom window.

Fell asleep only to be awoken by – what else – a severe thunderstorm several hours later. Tossed and turned for quite some time before finally dozing off again only to be awakened quite rudely at 5 am by the alarm clock.

Made my way back downstairs and got a pot of tea started, as is my normal morning routine. My brain was all fuzzy-muddled as I sat down on the couch with my phone and tea. Loki hopped right up on my lap and went directly to sleep. Lucky cat. As I scrolled through Facebook, I saw that Trump had won Georgia. Oh, what a disappointment! I cannot fathom why people don’t see through this man.

I was looking forward to getting my haircut today. Then I discovered that my daughter hadn’t made the appointment correctly; she didn’t specify which hairdresser we were supposed to be seeing. The entire reason for making the appointment at the new place was to see this specific person. So that had to be rescheduled.

Well, I might as well go run the errands then since I don’t have to make this appointment today. I got in my husband’s car (he is out of town this week) so I could fill it up with gas. Got about 2 miles down the road and realized it was running like crap. Looked up and noticed the oil change sticker – he was about 1,000 miles past due! Drove back home, went inside to tell my daughter to take it to Jiffy Lube immediately. She shares this vehicle with my husband so she is partially responsible for helping take care of it.

While home, I discovered a few of my daughter’s chores that she is responsible for were not done correctly. This is an ongoing issue here. I think her dad and I have this argument with her at least three times a week, which is very frustrating. Her favorite words are “I forgot.” I’m hoping she outgrows this at some point. So now I am frustrated and annoyed and not wanting to drive while in this mood. Errands are going to have to wait.

She goes off to get the oil change and I stay home with her brother. I look up some card ideas to get inspiration and find something I like. I try several combinations of things and nothing is working. Nothing. I go simpler. This is okay. Definitely different for me, but I think I can work with this style today. After all, I don’t want anything too technical when the day has been so off kilter, do I?

I cut all my layers. Stamp up my card fronts and walk away. I frequently stop when I want to think more about the layout or style or colors. I find walking away is often a good idea. I lie down on the couch with the cats, Loki and Oliver, to catch up on Facebook and take a short nap after my bad sleep last night. Well, that was a mistake! Only 20 minutes later I startled myself awake in the middle of a bad dream! Bad dreams in the middle of the afternoon are no fun at all.

Back to the craft room. As I am finishing up my stamping, I noticed my inky fingerprints across the front of one of the cards. And then, it happened. My ink pad smeared green ink right down the front of a card. Sigh.

But this is a new year for me. This is the year that I have decided to start embracing my imperfections and accepting them at face value. I spent many years being a perfectionist and it didn’t really gain me any peace of mind. All it did was stress me out because I could never live up to my own expectations. I kept wanting everything to be even more perfect and guess what? It was never perfect enough.

So now I embrace “good enough.” Sometimes good enough is absolutely perfect. And I don’t let myself down nearly as much as I used to. So, back to the card making. . .

I looked at the smear of ink and the fingerprints and sighed. And then, I laughed at myself. Because why not? I finished doing what I needed to do. Put all six of the cards together and noticed several other imperfections – things that probably no one else will even notice so I’m not even going to tell you about them. And I stamped the envelopes and called it a day. After all tomorrow is a new day and every day is a chance to start over again. Let’s take advantage of it.

(and when uploading the photos to this page, they kept loading upside down. No matter how many times I rotated them and saved them, upside down they were. That’s why one of the envelope photos isn’t quite right. I gave up. 🙂 )






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