Home Keeping

Spring Cleaning

Spring cleaning stinks!

We have a guest arriving in two weeks. We haven’t seen her since we lived in England almost 7 years ago.  She and my daughter were good friends back then.  My daughter was 12 when we moved here and her friend would have been 11. Now they are both young women! Oh how the time has flown.

So anyway, I’m in full on cleaning frenzy trying to get the house ready for her arrival.  I’m kind of a messy girl. A little dust doesn’t bother me. Things out of place I can let slide for a while. So when I do Spring Clean, it’s intense.

Today I scrubbed baseboards and doors and door frames. I wiped down all the kitchen cabinets and windowsills (downstairs – haven’t made it upstairs yet). I dusted. Yes, even in those places where I normally don’t bother  – like the very top shelf of my bookcases. Hey, I’m  only 5’4″. If I can’t see the top of it, why dust it? I wiped lampshades and hanging light fixtures. Cleaned the top of the refrigerator. Washed the slipcovers and even bathed the ferret!  You get the picture.

The good thing is that my house will be clean for a while. The downside is that I  am now too tired to craft tonight. I’m just going to sit on the sofa with some Lindt truffles and chill for the rest of the night – after we walk the dogs.

Have a great night everyone!

A little spring decor.


All those pictures are now dust free!


Dust free bookshelves! I even dusted the tops of all the books!



Neat and tidy.


Even dusted these!


Before and after window. Because dogs.  It will probably stay clean for about three days max.



Another window before and after. Note the dogs…I think they are waiting to smear it up again.




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