Mixed media, Upcycled

I have been working on a project for my daughter. I wanted something that reminds her she is beautiful whenever she looks at it. This is what I came up with.

I asked her what her favorite colors were. She chose brights – yellow, green and orange. I stamped colored tissue papers with vintage looking stamps, then tore it into smaller pieces.



The tissue paper got glued to a recycled art board. I had previously coated the board with gesso and white acrylic paint.


These butterflies started out as plain wood. I colored them green and then stamped them with white ink and topped that with embossing powder. After heat embossing them, I decided then needed a little bit more so I covered them in Glossy Accents.


The heart was also plain wood to start. I painted it red and covered it with crinkled tissue paper. I then covered that with some metallic red paint.


I printed out the letters and then traced the “YOU” onto a printed piece of cardstock that had zentangle drawing printed on it. I cut those out by hand. The “Be” and “Tiful” I traced onto the board with carbon paper, which didn’t work so well. I ended up freehanding them a little bit. I colored them in with a Pitt Big Brush pen in Black. This took two coats.

If you look at the background here and above, you will see some differences. After the glue dried, I applied some dark brown distress ink all over and followed that with some champagne gold metallic paint that I brushed on with my fingers to just highlight some of the areas.


Here you can see the inked letters. I had my daughter color the “YOU” letters herself so I knew she would like them. She had no idea how they were going to be used.


Here is the finished product. I used my Brown Pitt Big Brush marker to add some shadowing around the edges of the heart. I also took a small wooden bird and topped him with gold glitter and added him to the center of the heart.  The “YOU” letters were glued on with Mod Podge and then I used FOUR different things around them to make them stand out a little. First, I shadowed them with the Brown marker, wiping with my fingers to blend. Then I shadowed with a dark blue and a lighter blue, wiping again. Finally, I edged each letter in a different color of glitter marker.


Close up of the beautiful butterflies.


Close up of the heart. I love the texture you get with the crinkled tissue paper.


My sparkly little bird.


Look closely and you can see the blue, pink and green outlines of the letters.


Another shot of the finished project.  I coated it with some glossy varnish to make it really shine.



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