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Manic Monday

Holy Cow, was it ever a Manic Monday.

First we had to take two of our cats, Bob and Wendy, to the vet for dental cleanings. Then my son and I headed over to the water treatment plant for a field trip. There aren’t many places in our area where you actually have a view like this so I enjoyed it.


Then we headed over to Michael’s (the craft store) to take advantage of their big sale this week. I bought a few items, including a new stamp set which I hope to use this week! As if I needed any more stamps. 🙂

Home finally around 2 pm. I had to lie down because my migraine from the weekend is still hanging on. (Psst, migraine, I’m getting tired of your company.)

Sorted out my son’s school books (we homeschool) to get ready for next year. It seems early, but he works quite fast and I anticipate we’ll be starting 8th grade before you know it. And it’s always fun to play with books!

I had picked up some Rainbow Chard from a neighbor earlier this week. I don’t know why she didn’t want it, but she was giving it away for free so I took it! Found a great recipe on allrecipes.com (my favorite online recipe site – http://allrecipes.com/recipe/218594/lemon-garlic-rainbow-chard/). Cooked that up for dinner along with an assortment of leftovers and it turned out really good! I think next time I might add some diced red onion to the dish.

We played a game of Scrambled States while we ate which was great fun. My boy had played this about two years ago with a friend and we never once played it at home. But now we have and I highly recommend it.

After dinner, The Husband and I headed over to the vet to pick up our kitties. Bob had one tooth pulled and Wendy had two pulled. Poor kitties. They are still a bit tipsy and slightly grumpy. Hopefully a good night’s rest will have them feeling better in the morning. They didn’t want their pictures taken.

But we got to see the most glorious sunset and a rainbow on our way to and from the vet!


It was amazing watching it change as we drove home. The drive from the vet to home is about 20 minutes long and we enjoyed every second of it. Thankfully, I was the passenger so I got to take the photos.

So not a lot of crafting today! I did manage to put together a card kit this morning. This was something my friend, Emma Rose, gave to me some time ago. I’m not usually big on kits as I usually can find something I don’t like about it or something I need to add but this kit was actually really nice! It was simple to put together and it had just enough embellishments to make it look as if you had planned it all out yourself. I would highly recommend trying one of these kits if you have any desire to try your hand at cardmaking. So here is a plug for Emma Rose and her products. I’m not loyal to any one cardmaking company, so I do not get a thing from recommending products. I just really think these are excellent quality.



Here is a photo of one of the 8 cards that I did this morning. They were all exactly the same. Doing this kit allowed me to feel as though I was actually accomplishing something crafty without having to spend an extraordinary amount of time that I did not have to spare!

Isn’t that cute? The kit came with everything, even the sparkly gems and the bakers twine to tie around. I told you it was nice!

Now, I’m off to bed to hopefully kick this headache out. See you tomorrow.


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