Tags on Tuesday

Today was Tag making day. I love making tags because I can do so many things with them! And who doesn’t love getting a gift with a pretty tag on it? It is also a great way to use up all my pretty scraps and unused embellishments that I have sitting around. All these tags need now is a ribbon or string attached to them to put them on a gift.
Two bird themed tags


How striking is the red and black tag? And the purple flower is something I made. I punched the flower shapes out (two of them are from an old music book) and put them all together with a cute little flower brad.


Oh, I had to make a little cup of tea. I like the butterfly one as well. That is another embellishment I made myself. Three circle layers and a punched butterfly topped with teeny sparkles.


Another butterfly embellishment – see how the different background papers and colors completely change the tone of the tag? And the grey and silver tag is just pure indulgence.


Ah. The tree. I just love this tree die cut. It’s so elegant. And my little bird on a branch. He would be lovely on a feminine package.


The yellow and orange tag is just happy sunshine. And a nice simple Thanks tag. Imagine giving that to someone with a thank you gift.


Nope, you’re not imagining things. I made two Thanks tags. This was an embellishment I made for my friend when she had a business that used that bright green color. The deer is a stamped image leftover from a set of cards I made not too long ago.


Another bird, this one in blue. Do you recognize the blue bird? I punched several of these out when I made the Anniversary card for my friend’s parents. I always manage to punch out extras. The last tag uses a bit of packaging material that came with the bookbinding kits I spoke of a few weeks ago. I loved the paper so I saved it all. I have a paper problem!


All the tags are approximately 4 inches by two inches. I put the ruler in the last photo for scale reference.

I’m thinking of packaging assorted tags in mason type jars for people to purchase. I’ve seen similar items in some craft stores, but they were very simple. I made something like this for Jennifer and Christy at Christmas. I put three different sized tags of multiple patterns and solids in a mason jar along with a spool of baker’s twine and a silver sharpie. They loved them (well, they said they loved them. I’m just gonna go with that.)


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