Wedding Wednesday?

It was yet another busy day for me so not a lot of crafting got done. I did get to see a play with my son. The university did a showing of The Little Prince and it was brilliant. I actually cried at the end. If it’s been a long time since you read the book, I suggest you read it again. It’s beautiful.

After the play there were errands to run – aren’t there always? Then home for lunch and a break. Then I had someone bringing me some donations to take to the shelter that my family and I like to help. They brought so much! It will really help out.

My husband’s cousin is getting married in two weeks. My family is unable to attend as we will have company staying with us (more of our old England friends!). My in-laws will be going and my mother-in-law asked me to make some gift tags after seeing last night’s post. So that’s what I got to work on tonight. I think they came out quite nicely.

And I remembered to take photos of almost all the steps this time! Ready?

My mother-in-law told me the colors to use were grey, turquoise and silver. So I ran with it. I chose two different greys to start. I stamped the background very lightly with a Love stamp.

I cut all my pieces as I was planning. I decided to use hearts, butterflies and banners. Here they are just freshly punched out. The small “Love” banner in the center was stamped in silver on black paper and then heat embossed.


There are a lot of tiny details that I add to my cards and tags and assorted creations that many people don’t notice, but I think they add just that final touch that makes it look finished.

All the punched pieces actually got edged with black ink. Yes, I picked each of them up one by one and ran my black marker along all the edges. If you look at the first picture of the silver heart, it is un-edged. In the second photo, I have placed an inked heart on the right and an un-inked heart on the left. I think you’ll see what I mean when I say it looks more finished. You can see that I also added some silver inks to the tops of the butterflies. They were plain in the above photo and here they just have a bit more personality.

I even color my staples to match my cards. Here I thought that black would be a good contrast to the silver.

Here are the tags with embellishments attached.


On the left you can see that I added some tiny heart shaped sparkles to the butterflies. On the right, I have added an eyelet to the hole in the tag. Not only does this make it look more finished, but it elevates the tag a lot and strengthens it for putting the ribbon in.

Here are the finished tags – both light and dark. The light ones have the initials of the happy couple on one of the banners. My mother-in-law liked the light ones best so that  is why the darker ones do not have initials. Don’t be sad for the dark ones, though! My friend likes them and will be taking them home with her.

And, just because I love you all, here is a not-so-artistically-cropped photo of the tags on my desk. Look at that mess! That’s how I work. Now that my project is finished, I have to put all this stuff away. If I don’t do it now, I’ll be mad at myself in the morning when I come in here to make something.


Good night friends!



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