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Friday Already?

Holy Cow, where has the week gone?! I have been so busy all week long. I’m not sure if I mentioned this before, but I’ve been doing some work for a local charity in our area. I have been posting on my neighborhood page that I would collect donations that people would normally give to Goodwill (corporate entity lately). The charity I support is called Julie’s House ( They are the only shelter in our county for homeless women with children. The coordinator, Ms Pat, does not take any money from the government. She exists solely on donations from local business and people and any proceeds her thrift store makes by selling donations.

So I’ve been collecting lots of donations in the past two weeks or so. Filling my truck up almost daily with boxes and bags of things and delivering them to the thrift store. This week alone I’ve been up there three times and I’ve just filled my truck again this evening with more donations from my amazing neighbors. They have been giving me paper towels and toilet tissue and feminine hygiene products for the shelter. They have been giving me lots of clothing and household items to be sold in the store. It’s been wonderful to see how willing people are to help.

I’m also taking photos of her merchandise so we can post those on Craig’s List to – hopefully – draw more customers into the shop so she sells more and therefore earns more. Keep your fingers crossed for Ms Pat!

This means that there hasn’t been much time for crafting, I’m afraid. 😦  I have a few tags that I managed to make yesterday but that’s all! So forgive me and bear with me while I get into a routine with this new project of mine. I’ll craft as often as I can because I really enjoy crafting, as you know.

I have here a total of 7 tags. On the bird tags, I have used music pages from an old music book I have. On the left side, I simply added the bird (lightly inked with blue and given a sparkly eye) and branch and a strip of glittery black trim.

On the right side, the birds here were inked as well but I also sparkled them with my Wink of Stella pen. That thing is magical! Each bird over here has a sparkly star gem for an eye. I stamped some circle stamps in the background lightly and used the music again. I also inked the edges of these tags with the same blue used in the stamping. Then I added some small dots of blue glitter around the background.

For the bright tags, I used the same circle stamp set but in assorted bright colors. I added some glitter to some of the small circles and put some banner strips across the bottom. I colored the staples orange so they would match.  I also added the paper butterflies and inked the edges in orange.





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