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Manic Monday For Sure!

Today was definitely a Monday. It started by my waking up at 4:30 am coughing. It’s all the pollen in the air. I don’t even have allergies, but it’s definitely affecting me. My kids are on allergy meds 24/7 and even my husband has resorted to taking Sudafed every day now. It’s insane. Here is just an example of how bad it is here right now.


We pressure washed our back patio (and all the furniture) and the front porch (and furniture) yesterday. Hopefully that will keep it down a little for a few days. My son found a little juvenile 5 lined Skink in the firepit while we were cleaning. We think he had gotten chilled as it was pretty cold yesterday and we found him swimming in the water of the firepit after I had cleaned it.


He held it in his hands for quite a while but it wasn’t moving very quickly. My son was trying to get him to warm up so he could release him. But Mr Skink had another plan! He crawled up into his sleeve to get even warmer! After a while, he was ready to come out and be set free. Just another animal adventure for us.

My neighbor asked me to create some “medals” for her birthday party 5K run. We collaborated on the ideas Sunday evening and I started on the project with everything going according to plan. There are a total of 25 medals needed and they are double sided. There is a 3″ circle in the center and a 2.5″ circle attached on either side of that. On the front, the medal says 5K and is surrounded by laurel leaves (or something closely resembling laurel leaves, cough cough). On the back, I stamped a world map and a compass rose.  I still have to add the slit for her to thread the ribbon through.

Everything was going well with this project – until it wasn’t. 🙂 I was using my electronic cutting device (The Slice – which is no longer made or supported!) to cut the delicate laurel leaves when it suddenly decided it didn’t want to cut the leaves correctly any more. I had already cut and glued on 8 sets of leaves! And this was the 2nd time I had trouble with the laurels; the first time was that the gold shiny paper we wanted to use did not cooperate with the cutting system at all. The paper was peeling and rough on the edges. So my neighbor and I changed the color to a lovely shade of kelly green.

I messaged her quickly to let her know of the laurel disaster. I had a punch that makes leaves/branches. I quickly punched some out and arranged them in a similar pattern to show her that we could do this instead. She agreed – whew! Lucky for me. I felt terrible!
Then I had to punch out four branches per remaining medal – 17 left to do. I spent a good portion of my afternoon gluing teeny tiny branches on the medals but I got it done!


Then my daughter came into the craft room acting very frustrated. She couldn’t get her ITunes to open so she tried reinstalling it and still couldn’t get it to work. That meant Mom had to take over. I’m usually that dedicated computer fixer person around here. It’s because I get tenacious and won’t give up til I find a solution! Well, this took me a few hours but I finally got it fixed for her on her laptop. All 4000+  songs still available for her. Now to convince her to back them all up to Google play!

I’m so lucky to have a husband who comes home from working all day, takes a look at me sitting at my desk with this view –


– and asks if we’re having leftovers for dinner and then serves everyone up their food as if it’s the most routine thing in the world (it’s fast becoming routine!). While I’m still sitting here puzzling over the Itunes. Thanks, Husband.

(and yes, I got almost all the laundry done today, too! With a little help from my daughter while I worked on her computer)



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