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Finished Project

I was inspired by a photo I found on Pinterest to create a mixed media canvas. I really like this form of crafting as it allows me to be imperfect, something at which I excel!

The canvas was purchased at a yard sale and had already been painted orange. I already knew it would give me a perfect background with no prep necessary. 20160322_100253.jpg

The next step was planning and arranging bits of paper for the background. I made a mistake and listened to the internet instead of to my past experience. I used a different medium to “glue” my papers to the canvas and I was NOT happy with how it turned out. Lesson learned. Only use ModPodge from now on. But, the paper was on and had to be used so I worked around the things I didn’t like and incorporated them into the design.


I then decided to paint over the papers to mute them somewhat. See all that bubbling up? Mod Podge, people. That is what you need.  Learn from my mistake!20160322_120425

Adding some detail to the background here.


I then glued down the “houses” at the bottom of the canvas – and apparently took NO photos of this process! After the house shapes were attached, I did some more painting and detailing around and on the houses.

Metallic paint accents were added here and there to give a little more depth. The houses were outlined with thick markers to make them stand out a bit more. And then, this happened.


I dropped the bottle of paint on my tile floor. We now have some orange grout. Oops. And, of course, it was the BRAND NEW bottle I just bought last week! Oh well. Things happen.

I had some wooden accent pieces to add. The large bird was plain wood. I painted him a beautiful bright red. On the small word phrases, I simply added glossy accents to make them shine; except for “Be You!” – that one I painted in the same red as the large bird.


After adding a coat of varnish, I glued some braided trim around the edge of the painting.


And here it is, all finished.


I like how the papers glued into the background show through just enough.







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