Fun Friday

What a day we’ve had with Our Guest today!

Our Guest was awake quite early so we were able to get out and moving a little quicker than we thought. After getting ready this morning, The Girls and My Boy and I headed over to visit David at The Coffee Geek (https://www.facebook.com/mycoffeegeek/?fref=ts) so the big kids could have coffee and The Boy could have a hot chocolate. After a little visit with David, it was off to the mall!

I dropped The Girls off at the mall where they were meeting my daughter’s boyfriend and another friend and The Boy and I ran over to Costco to get gas (all this driving!). My son and I returned to the mall and he wanted to go to Game Stop – of course! After browsing through there for a short few minutes, he was done. We wandered down to Barnes and Noble to sit and wait for the girls to be done. We looked at the books for a few minutes and he was bored so we had to walk around the mall again.

We visited the Yankee candle store (he loves smelling all the candles) and I got a chai tea from Starbucks ( I detest coffee!). The Boy decided the mall has too many clothing stores. Back to the bookstore where he curled up in a chair with a Star Wars novel and I started reading all the crafty magazines. Lots of great ideas in there!

The Girls and their friends were finally done shopping and we said good bye to The Friend and The Boyfriend and headed to our next stop – AirStrike! (https://www.facebook.com/AirStrikeSports/?fref=ts) It is an indoor trampoline park (?). You pay a fee and you can jump all you like for an hour. Today was a special Homeschool outing day so we actually had a discounted price and got to stay for 90 minutes instead – which turned out to be just too exhausting for everyone!

Next we headed over to Which Wich for sandwiches for lunch. I had dropped something out of my purse at AirStrike, so I left The Kids at the restaurant while I ran back over to the facility to pick up my lost item. Luckily I found it immediately and was able to head right back over to the restaurant.

Home was next on the list, after fighting through some terrible traffic. The Kids all got showers and rested for a bit and then we went to my artist neighbor who does amazing henna tattoos (and other things! https://www.facebook.com/artypartyaugusta/?fref=ts) so all three kids could get a tattoo. Ms Erica did not disappoint us with her amazing work.

After reading all the magazines in the store, I decided that I wanted to try to create something arty in a 30 minute period of time. I needed the time restraint as it was already getting late and I want to go to bed soon as we have more big plans for tomorrow!

I recently purchased some mini art boards (about 4″x 4″) and found an inspiration on Pinterest. I meant to take photos of the process, but the short time period did not lend itself to stopping to take photos!

This is what I came up with –


I started with the plain art board. Coated it with vanilla acrylic paint then added some brown and blue accents. I glued down some tissue paper with a pattern in it. In the lower right corner, I stamped the sentiment. I then stamped some brown “coffee cup cirlcles” and a flourish in the upper left corner. I put some glue on the two corners and sprinkled turquoise glitter. I took the three scrabble tiles, added brown paint to the tops and outlined them before gluing them onto the board. If you enlarge the pictures, you may see the tiny gold dots around the individual tiles. I also smeared some of that same gold ink on the background. The final touch was adding some dots in the lower left corner and then a coat of gloss varnish. When I sent a picture to My Girl and Our Guest, they both came downstairs rather quickly to see it in person. My daughter’s response to my texted photos was “Love!” ❤



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