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Silent Saturday

It doesn’t happen often that I’m all alone in the house, especially overnight! But my husband took the kids and our guest to Savannah on Friday and they spent the night there so I was all alone for almost two entire days!

Okay, I could probably get used to it (with less pets perhaps?) but now that they’re home, it’s good. It changes the energy of the house – I can actually feel their presence when they are here. (Yes, I can HEAR them as well, but that’s not exactly what I meant)

While they were all away, I took some time to relax and rest since I had another stupid migraine. By the time it went away, it was late afternoon and I didn’t think I would accomplish much. I sat down at the desk to see what I could come up with.

This is what I ended up with. I cut ovals out in two different sizes with my punches. I glued them onto my painted canvas to make a large flower. I then went around each shape with my brown marker, diluting it slightly with water on a paintbrush.

I put tiny copper dots around the inside edge of each petal. I then put gold dots throughout the entire flower. The center is filled with gold glitter paint.

Finally, I added the words in the upper right hand corner. I finished the whole thing with a coat of glossy varnish.





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