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Technique Tuesday

Today I remembered to take lots of photos. So now I can walk you through the creation of this piece.

First, I chose my papers. I then punched out squares. I inked all the edges with Distress Ink.


With help from my favorite motivators, Pandora and a mug of British tea, I started gluing squares down on a piece of paper.


Squares all glued; now it’s time to get the mat board ready! Put on a nice thick layer of ModPodge and press the wet matboard onto the paper. After rolling it nice and smooth, I trimmed off the excess edges.


I took my handy distress ink and inked the edges of the mat board where I had cut off the excess paper. I also darkened up the lines where the squares were joined.

Added some streaks of Vanilla first then some streaks of Espresso Metallic paint.


Decided to add they butterflies, some gold sticker trim in the corners and some gold dots around the butterflies.

Here we have added some brown to the edges again and some gold around the butterflies to give some depth.

Printed my quote (from Marcus Aurelius) on tissue paper, colored it lightly in blue and then tore it into strips and adhered it to the picture.

You knew there would be sparkle, right?

Waiting for things to dry. . . .how I spend most of my day when I’m being creative.


Here I have added some darker brown and a tiny bit of blue to the edges of the butterflies for more depth. It’s not noticeable in this set of photos, but I also added some teeny blue dots in the outside spots of the butterflies wings.I also put a coat of glossy varnish over the top.

Here is the finished piece outside in the sunshine. Look closely and you’ll see the blue dots in the butterfly wings. You can really see the sheen the varnish gives in the last photo.




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