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Simple Saturday

This week I’ve been working on making some journals. I’m using cardstock, scrapbook papers, stickers, bits and pieces of everything really. I have completed six of them and have three more to work on tomorrow. I’ve taken a few sample photos for you to show you how they work.

These can be used for many things. I’ve used my personal junk journals as trip journals. Every day, each family member writes something in the trip journal about the day. If we have brochures or tickets, those go in as well.  They measure 4″ x 6″ so they’ll fit right into a purse.

I could see a parent using one of these for baby photos to send to a grandparent. You could keep one in your purse to jot important notes or phone numbers. It could be a memory book filled with ticket stubs of all the shows or concerts you attend. You could use it for a diary. There are so many different uses for these!


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