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Sunday Work

My daughter liked the journals I made yesterday, but she wanted something she could actually put things like movie tickets into. Apparently taping things to the pages wasn’t her thing. 🙂

Coincidentally, I came across a tutorial in my Pinterest this morning that seemed like just the thing. I showed her it as I started working on it, but she didn’t seem too enthused. She and the rest of the family left to run some errands and I kept working.

I sent her a few photos and questions during the process to get a better idea as to what she wanted. When I finished the front cover, I think she was very pleased. But, who actually knows with a teenager? 🙂

So, without further ado, here is the finished product.

This is the front cover. She requested Vintage looking tickets to go on front. She also requested shades of sepia and brown for everything.

This is a close up of the button and twine closure. I sewed a button on both the front and back covers and used this twine as a closure. The benefit of the twine is that you can adjust it to fit however thick the book becomes. I also tied on a few beads to give it some character.


These are the pages. I printed a calendar for the whole year and adhered one to each page. The pages are actually Lunch bags that I folded and hole punched for the album. In the second photo, you can see a paper sticking out of the bag. There is one for every month of the year.

And this is the back cover. Here you can see the button that holds the twine on. Per her request, I also stamped the back cover to match the front cover. The entire book is held together with Binder Rings, also allowing some flexibility as the album is filled up with memorabilia.




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