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TMI Thursday

Another behind the scenes post today. I didn’t craft but I did manage to somewhat tidy up my desk and I definitely made progress with my paper scraps!

Anyone who crafts with paper will tell you about scraps. They are always there. At some point, if you aren’t careful, the scraps will begin to multiply and invade your space! This was the point I reached today.

I’ve been researching all kinds of ways to sort scraps and use scraps and nothing helped!  I did originally have a lovely system of sorting them by color category but they were still not being used to their full potential.  I was stymied.

Then I found this list online –


This is a list of standard size card measurements that are used the most. I looked at my scraps and started thinking. How many times have I gone to make a card only to have to pull out a fresh sheet of cardstock to cut my mats because I just couldn’t find the right size? What if I cut all my scraps down to usable sizes and filed them neatly so I could have them right there when I needed them? Hmm…..


So that is what I did. This took a lot longer than I anticipated because we had several interruptions today (always when I have a project!) but I did it. I thought about the kind of cards I make and what sizes would be most useful. As you can see, there are some sizes in my crate that are not on the printed list. I personalized the sizes to suit my needs.

I still have a very small container of thin scraps that I can use for punching or narrow trim pieces.  This is so much more manageable now!


Now to get crafting and make some cards with my new system!


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