Inspired Sunday

Today was a good day for everyone. My Daughter spent time with friends today. My Son got to play video games for a good part of the day. And I got inspired.

I started with a piece of matboard. painted it with a coat of white gesso, then dry brushed some tan over that.

In the next step, I glued some assorted papers onto the board. I then added some paper flowers in the corners.

I covered this with another thin coat of tan paint, followed by a crackle glaze and topped with more vanilla. While it was crackling, I scraped some of the paint off to give it a different texture.

The next step was to add some light shading around the flowers with my Pitt marker.

I adhered three decorative images to the board. These had already been edged with brown distress ink.  I then shaded around those and added some light smears of ink to the pale background to give it a slightly darker look. I also used the Pitt Marker to shade the edges of the board as well.

Of course I added a few sparkly gems to the centers of the flowers!


Finally, a coat of gloss varnish and it’s all done!


Here are some photos of the picture outside.





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