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What a week!

It’s been one of those weeks when things just keep going wrong – and it was all electronics!

My phone has 38 GB of photos on it and NO space remaining for anything else, so I had to find a storage system for the photos. I *thought* Amazon Cloud would be the thing, but I am now not so sure. I might go with Flickr or Google Photos instead. For now, I’ve put the phone photos on a jump drive (and in my desktop).

I am trying to load all my digital photos (going back to 2002!) onto an external hard drive, but somehow they have uploaded in multiples so I’m running a duplicate file finder program on the hard drive to clean it up so it’s only got one of each photo saved. Apparently some of them have saved up to 30 times! I have no idea. . ..  Oh, the program has now been running for three straight days and nights. It’s a 1TB hard drive and it was FULL.

In trying to upload photos to Amazon (see above – from 2002 forward), I have managed to use up ALL of our limited Comcast data allowance in the first 9 days of the month. This is not good. I believe we are currently at 356 GB so far. We have to pay $10 for every 50GB over 300 that we use. We are in what they euphemistically call their “test market”. Supposedly things are changing soon; a blog post by Comcast stated that they would be increasing the data allowance in June. Let’s hope so!

The USB port on my phone isn’t quite right, either. The chargers keep falling right out and I have to wiggle it to get it in just the right position to charge. Frustrating.

I created an Instagram account (much to the dismay of my 19 year old daughter!) and it was hacked within 12 hours! Thankfully I didn’t have any posts on it or anything, but I had to change about a million passwords (as I am lazy and they were all variations of the same one used on Instagram). That took half of one day and half of another.  . The good thing is that I was able to kill most of them. And I put Lastpass on my computer to help with this in future.

Mother’s Day was lovely, though. My husband did some yard work and got me a bunch of plants for our garden. The kids gave me chocolates. They know how to make Mom happy. And my husband also made a delicious dinner of chicken piccata (and a vegetarian white bean and artichoke piccata for the veggie son of ours). We had my in-laws over for dinner.

And in between all of this, I managed to work on this little sail boat. I was sitting and wondering what words I wanted to put on it while listening to my Pandora radio and I heard a great song and realized the words were perfect. Bonus point to anyone who recognizes the song words.

Go on and click them to make them larger.

I used some lovely tissue paper for the boat and sails. There is some stamping as well – gold borders and some splatters. The twig is from my lantana plant out back. I painted the background with several different colors of paint. The boat and sails are outlined with paint and Pitt big brush markers. The words were edged with gold and outlined with a brown Pitt marker.

Sometimes we just need a dream and the wind to carry us away. 🙂




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