Is It Really Friday?

This week….it seems to have lasted forever. When I said my program that ran for three days was almost done? I went to bed thinking I would finish it first thing in the morning. Well, Windows had other plans; it did an automatic update in the middle of the night, shutting down the computer and terminating the program. I had to restart it. And yes, I turned updates off temporarily this time!

Yesterday was spent backing up my mobile phone and giving it a factory reset. This was not fun. Not one bit. After the reset, I reloaded all my apps, downloaded my contacts from the cloud (some of which were repeated up to five times!) and logged back into all my apps – all those accounts for which I changed my passwords? Yeah, I forgot to write them down so it was a fun guessing game trying to log into email accounts, etc.

Today the husband and I had appointments for him to prepare for his upcoming deployment. He had a dental cleaning (all good!) and we both got eye exams and ordered new glasses. They should  be in some time next week. Fingers crossed that mine are good as I have a terrible time with glasses now that I am of “a certain age”. We were going to go to dinner after but I had my eyes dilated so we came straight home instead and took a nap. We are getting old! 🙂

This evening, I was determined to make something. I searched my Pinterest for inspiration. When I found it, I gathered all my supplies and got started. Well, I must have made 15 stupid mistakes in the making of these two cards! It wasn’t  my night to craft, obviously,  but I stuck it out and finished them. Here they are – for your viewing pleasure.

Let’s hope tomorrow is a better day – no electronics issues! And perhaps my crafting mojo will come by for a visit. Fingers crossed!




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