Travel Journal

Today I made this Travel Journal. I usually purchase the small binders at thrift stores when I can find them and I fill them up with assorted papers, envelopes, recycled greeting cards or whatever I happen to have on hand. This one definitely has a travel theme on the cover. The quote reads “It’s not what you look at that matters, it’s what you see.” I thought that was a great quote for a travel book.

We use one of these for every trip we take now. The pockets can be filled with brochures. Envelopes can hold receipts or small tickets. I usually pack a set of nice pens and two rolls of washi tape to tape things into the journal as we travel. It’s become our habit to pass it around to each family member at the end of the day and we all put down our thoughts of that day’s events. No coaching by parents allowed! It’s interesting to see the things my son and daughter write compared to what we adults put down.

Sometimes, if I remember, I also put in one or two empty page protectors to hold assorted ephemera from the trip. We’ve brought home brochures, feathers and even a small clump of bobcat fur that blew out of the enclosure while we were standing there! That was pretty cool. The pages can be taken out and rearranged to suit your mood – if you don’t want to write on the Bridge Contract page, pick one from further into the book and put it in place of the other. Our only rule is that the pages have to be in consecutive order following the days of the vacation.


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