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Everything is Better with Cake

I put this together last night. My neighbor likes to give me old greeting card fronts and I really liked this one. The colors, the typography. Had to think about it for a while, but as usual, once I got started, it all came together.

The background is a photocopy of recipes from one of my vintage cookbooks. I tore the edges and inked them brown. Behind that we have a piece of matboard that I coated with gesso and then painted the border with a combination of vanilla and bronze. After applying the recipes to the board, I stamped with an assortment of splatters in colors to match the words on the card front.

The card front is edged with brown and copper inks, as is the very edge of the matboard.
I added glitter to some of the splats and to two of the words on the card. The center (the card) is raised up slightly for effect. And I just happened to have the tiny clothespins in matching colors! They were meant to go on this picture.


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