Let’s Start a Writing Revolution

How many of you still write hand written letters? When is the last time you received a letter from a loved one? Do you remember how wonderful it was to go out to the mail box and find something personal addressed to you? Wouldn’t you love to give that feeling to someone?

I propose we all start a letter writing revolution. Let’s get back to being personal and close to people. Email, messaging, facebook – these are wonderful tools and I admit to being profoundly dependent upon them, too much so in some cases. My dearest friends who have never used facebook never hear from me. Some family members are very out of touch because I haven’t made the effort to keep up communicating with them.

So here is my idea; let’s all send ONE handwritten, thoughtful, emotion filled letter this week. Let someone know you love them and are thinking of them. They will cherish this letter, I promise you, just as you would cherish a letter from them.

Post a picture of your letters in the comments. Or post a photo of you sending your letter.  I’d love to see them.

If you want a personalized, handmade card made just for your special letter recipient, message me. I’ll make sure to get you one.

Let’s start a revolution today!


The Lost Art of Letter Writing




3 thoughts on “Let’s Start a Writing Revolution

  1. Great video! I was so surprised to learn that kids aren’t taught cursive anymore in schools. That just shocked me. I used to exchange letters with my grandma and loved getting mail. I also exchanged written notebooks with one of my best friends who moved away when we were teenagers. Of course we didn’t keep it up for long, but I still have those notebooks to this very day!


  2. I’d like to join your army of letter writers to start a revolution. I’ve never stopped writing letters, though I use technology for other kinds of communication. With my closest friends in other parts of the world, letter writing has been a way we stay connected in a deeper way… our letters are personal art reflecting things not said in the words on the page. From handwriting to sttaionary choice, opening and closing greetings, to photos and ephemera included in the envelope, each is a statement about what’s happening in our lives and/or our devotion to our friendship that would never come through in an email. Thank you for this post and write on!


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