My Lovely “New” Tables

My mother-in-law bought a set of tables a few years ago that I absolutely fell in love with. When she tired of them, I asked her to hold them for me til I made room. It took longer than I expected. 

First I redid the coffee table by adding casters to the base and making a cushioned top to turn it into a bench for my son’s playroom. When we turned the playroom into a library,  there wasn’t room for the table/bench any more so it now sits at the foot of my bed. It’s far too large for my smallish living room! 

This weekend, my daughter and I carried the end tables over from my in-laws garage. These suckers are fairly heavy! 

Look how pretty that wood grain is!

I wiped them down really well with my home made essential oil spray cleaner (most amazing spray ever!), colored in all the scratches on the tops, and then gave them a good coat of high quality furniture wax/polish. 

(See my sneaky photo bombing doggie?)

I then put wood blocks underneath in the corners. I attached casters to these to make the tables easier to move around (did I mention they were heavy?).

Loki is helping.

 All that was left was to then put them in place in my living room. They look amazing. Even Muffy agrees.

I am still thinking about the drawer handles – replace, paint  or leave alone. Thoughts?


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