My Every Day Life

Okay, I know. No crafts! How disappointing. But my husband recently left for 4 months to work overseas and I’m still in the stage of getting settled into the new routine. Doing the work of two adults is taking a lot of my time. However, I’m blogging over at my personal blog to keep my husband up to date with family life, so I’ll share a few of those pictures here so you know what is keeping me so busy!


Tending to the flower garden


Picked up a beat up table and bench set “free on the curb”. Decided to leave it as it and just use them as plant stands on the patio.These are the benches.20160725_084116

This is the table. Yes, they are kiddie sized! I’m going to put two long window boxes of plants on here.20160725_084622

Doing a DNA test for Ancestry.com – trying to trace my family roots.20160725_091328

Packing the first goodie box for my deployed husband.20160725_120532


Playing games at dinner with the kids.20160725_190346

Trying paint samples.


Killing wasps.20160725_190609

Ironing melty beads for my kids – yes, even the 19 year old. This is one of her latest creations.20160726_190756

Walking the dogs.20160726_193839

Lesson planning for my son for 8th grade. We are supposed to start on Monday. I’m almost done.20160728_184704

Making friends.20160729_183210

Picking up other possible projects.20160729_183331

Organizing the pantry to make room for all the new baking supplies, including a flour mill!, from my friend who was recently diagnosed celiac. She was a big baker – homemade pasta, croissants, you name it. She ground her own wheat, too. I inherited that as well. So I’ll be learning how to bake I suppose!20160729_184245

Ignore the dirty oven. Roasting lots of tomatoes. I toss them in the dutch oven, quartered. Add olive oil, minced garlic, salt and pepper and bake at 350 for hours. . . . could be two, could be three. Depends on how they look. When all done, I refrigerate them and simply use a  type of sauce/spread. I especially love them spread onto a flatbread, topped with a ton of fresh grated parmesan cheese (don’t get the cheap stuff!) and I bake that til the parm is lovely and melty and it is sooooo good!

So I’m busy, just not crafty at the moment. Don’t worry – I’ll get back soon!


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