A Renewed Jewelry Armoire

A few weeks ago, I picked this jewelry armoire up “free on the curb”. I had NO plans or idea at all of what to do. I got a few grandiose ideas from Pinterest over the weeks, but none of them were quite right.


Here is the armoire, in the center, in the process of being sanded, along with the dresser (which still sits in my living room!). I somehow did not manage to get a photo of the armoire by itself.


One of the drawers was broken but surprisingly the broken corner was in the drawer! I consulted with a woodworking friend of mine (thanks, Paige!) about which glue was best for mdf (because, of course, this armoire wasn’t solid wood!) and I set about repairing it. I think I did pretty good for a first time repair!

The first step after sanding was spray painting – lots of it! I used a couple cans of Kilz primer since the wood was laminate. I wanted to make sure my paint would adhere.

Then I painted it with more spray – a pale cream color. I still had no idea where this project was going at this point.

But this is where it ended up –

I painted the drawers in varying shades of blue. I took some dark antique wax and rubbed t hat all over the cream to give it a very subtle aged look. It’s much more noticeable in person than in the photos.


You can just barely see the darker color in the cracks and possibly along the edges. Or else I’m just hopeful! 🙂

Voila! My renewed jewelry armoire. I still have no idea what I’m going to use it for as I already have my jewelry (which is never worn!) in lovely jewelry boxes. But I’m sure I’ll come up with some sort of idea.



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