18 Sept 2016

This week I have worked on a few things and finished two of them! I did finally finish the additional coats of polyurethane on my kitchen island and it is amazing looking!


In addition to that, I’ve been putting paint on a dresser (still a work in progress) and I repainted a kitchen stool that we’ve had for many years.


The other project that I completed just yesterday is a heart seascape mixed media work. My neighbor gave me a wooden, heart shaped tray last week. I had no idea what to do with it at all until all of a sudden, I was struck by inspiration (okay, I was on Pinterest again). I have managed to take exactly ZERO pictures of the work in progress, so here are completed images.

It was a raw wood tray, so I painted it with a good coat of gesso to start. I painted the outside a lovely turquoise and the inside a lovely pale blue, as you can see.

I then used spackle to make texture on the sea part of the seascape. Spackle is a fun product to work with when you want texture.

I mixed glue with sand to adhere the sand to the bottom portion. Then I started painting. And painting. And painting. There are several shades of blue in this in addition to the white “waves”.

At the shore, I used white paint mixed with talc (for thickening) to make sea foam. I used some of this on the blue water as well. I raided my daughter’s seed bead stash (with permission) to add foam details out in the water. Then, a touch of glitter just for fun.

Finally, I added the moss and shells to the sand. It’s primitive and rustic and I like it! I have yet to show it to my neighbor to see if she wants her tray back! 🙂



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