5 October 2016

Ooh, baby. It’s been crazy ’round here lately! I hired painters to paint without planning ahead. I did not take into account how much stuff would have to be moved when having almost my entire house painted!

I moved 30 boxes of JUST BOOKS from my downstairs to the upstairs. Then there was all the furniture. Only two rooms downstairs did not get painted. Guess where most of the furniture ended up? Yup. It’s still chaos around here.

Then, when all the painting was done, I was told no nails in the walls for a minimum of four days and no command strips on the walls for 30 days! Well, so much for decorating quickly then!

In the meantime, between all the interruptions, I decided to work on this little fellow.


I originally thought I might try to make him realistic colors, but I took a closer look at all that detailing on the feathers and changed my mind right quick!


I think he turned out rather cute and I LOVE the color combination. I won’t give too much away, but he does match my house. 🙂 I’d take photos but it’s not even close to being decorated; you’ll have to be patient.

I can share this laundry room picture with you as that one is pretty well completed.


Just a few tweaks here and there and that room will be lovely – or maybe I should say even lovelier! I’m totally in love with this shade of green. I used it in my downstairs bathroom as well. It’s such a happy color.


One more shot of Mr Owl. Maybe he’ll find a lovely place in my laundry room! 🙂


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