Kindness Campaign

There needs to be more love in the world right now, more kindness, more smiles. That is my specialty and my goal this month is to make it as easy as possible for you to send smiles to those in need.

My joy is cards and who doesn’t smile when they get a handwritten, handmade card in this digital age? You don’t even have to leave your digital world to make it happen.
This month I am not only making your cards, but I am putting your messages in them and sending them for you.


For each mailed card you purchase, you get a second one free of charge – sent either to you or to a second person in need of love.


When I mail your chosen card to your friend, I will include another card, a blank card, for them to continue the campaign of kindness and smiles.

Your cost for this service – hand made, hand written cards mailed to the recipient of your choice – is only $10. Remember, this month that includes a second mailed card free of charge sent either to you or a second recipient and an additional blank one for the recipient of your kindness to mail to whomever they feel needs it. That’s three cards, hand made, hand written and mailed by me for you for only $10.

I accept cash, check or card locally and PayPal orders are processed the next day.

I am on a mission of kindness and connection this month. What’s your mission?

Below you can see some of the first cards you can choose from. All are blank inside.






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