26 Nov 2016

Hoping everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving Day! We enjoyed our dinner with family and friends. My daughter discovered the joys of working retail – she had to work in the morning. But we just had our dinner a little later than normal. 

Today I’m working on the final stages of a project for my son. He has two wonderful display cabinets for his Lego creations but the cabinets are  deep  so I thought we could make shelves for the back to raise up some of the smaller creations. 

I used my favorite pieces of wood….paint stirring sticks! I had some scrap wood that I asked a neighbor to help me cut to size.Then it was a simple matter of gluing all the pieces together. We both decided the small gaps left by the paint sticks were not going to be a bother.

I also remember that I probably shouldn’t attempt crafting when recovering from a serious migraine. I accidentally used oil based primer instead of latex. This was nly discovered AFTER I tried rinsing my brush out in the kitchen sink! 

Oh well. What’s done is done .  


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