9 Jan 2017

Well, I took some time off over the holidays and am just getting back into being crafty again. I hope you all had a wonderful holiday season and are getting into the groove of the new year! I’m sure looking forward to lots of great things this year. 🙂

What I have made here is an envelope card storage thing. Wow, doesn’t that sound impressive? 🙂

Well, there are 12 envelopes, one per month. Each one is labeled with the month and days. You write in whatever person is having a birthday or anniversary or whatever on that date and you pop a card in the envelope. The theory is that you are now ready for the upcoming celebration with a card all ready to go!

My neighbor loved this idea and asked me to make her two of them. I’ve just finished them tonight.

Each month has paper that matches whatever holiday might happen to fall during that month. For others, I improvised. September, for example, has a school theme.

I think they came out quite cute. I hope she is happy with them!


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