29 January 2017

I have been feeling pretty stressed out with all the news lately and I decided that I needed to take a break and create something beautiful and uplifting. It took me three full days. It shouldn’t have, but I was still stressed and nervous and not quite myself. The crafting helps, but the ideas weren’t flowing. But today, I found my groove and in doing so, I was able to finish the entire project in just a few hours.

I used to collect and hoard any and all crafting supplies that I could get my hands on. It’s on clearance? I have to get it! This scrapbook lot on Craig’s List? Hurry! We have to go buy it all right now! But since I’ve been crafting more regularly and trying different crafts, I’ve started to find what works for me and what doesn’t. I’ve had several clear outs of  stuff I just know I’ll never use. Certain craft kits I know I’ll never do, scrapbook papers I’ll never use because they are just too ugly, and how many things do I really need?

Oh, yes, I still have far too much stuff, but I have weeded out a lot recently! And I’m now trying to use all the things I have and it is much easier without all the stuff around that I wasn’t going to use. It is interesting how knowing you aren’t going to use something and yet still keeping it will start to eat at you and make you feel guilty for not using it. Many of those things were donated to a thrift store I frequent. Others were given to friends.  It’s a huge weight off your shoulders when you know something will be going to a better home than you were able to provide!

So, this project used a small chipboard album that I had sitting around for a couple years now. I was so uninspired by this album! Even though it was cute and had potential, I just couldn’t see it. A few days ago, I just sat down and started applying inks and glitter to it in the hope that I would find some inspiration! After applying colors and a bit of sparkle, I still had no inspiration.

Yesterday, my friend Jennifer (who is moving house tomorrow  and leaving us) gave me a stack of scrapbook paper she didn’t want to pack. Among those papers was a vellum sheet with uplifting quotes. That was just the inspiration I was looking for. From that sheet came the rest of the album. Suddenly all the ideas were flowing and I was able to put it all together this afternoon and evening.

Just look at that gorgeous glitter in the second photo! I’m getting a little better at catching the glitter in my photos. 🙂  This is the front cover of my album.


Here are three of the pages inside. There are a total of 10 pages and I put quotes on both sides. The pages started off plain white. I sponged colored ink on all of them. I then die-cut the starburst circles, and stamped and edged those with ink as well. I kept the backgrounds simple so the words would really show up. All the backgrounds are stamped in the same vintage brown color.


Some of the starburst circles are smaller. I used those for the smaller quotes. I hand tore the edges of  most of the vellum quotes (some were punched out into shapes) and edged them all with the brown ink as well. Any background color was added with a water brush and ink by hand after the pages were assembled. The butterflies, leaves, flowers, etc are all punched out and added by hand.


And this is the inside back cover. A great, giant silk flower that has also been hanging around the craft room for a while looking for a home. He fits here just perfectly, with a beautiful quote right in the center. They were made for each other. 🙂



Well, that’s the end of my photos. I hope you enjoyed them. Just looking at the lovely colors and inspiring words sitting here on my desk makes me smile.

Be well.




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