27 February 2017

Having a craft space means always having to tidy up. It’s inevitable. It’s also inevitable that one will always have scrap paper of various sizes and lots of unused bits and bobs hanging around haunting your craft space.

I decided it was time to use up a good amount of these bits and bobs and possibly some of my scrap papers. Did good on the bits and not so good on the scraps, although I did use some.

In the past two days I made over 20 cards (I lost count)! That’s a great amount of card making for me. And I managed to empty two plastic bins of these scrap pieces and unfinished . . . .stuff.

Here are two cards that I made with assorted flowers that I had previously punched out for projects in the past. I actually was able to make about five in this same layout.


More punched flowers. I took different pieces and layered them all together and added the little pearls or brads to the center. The center card was made with a butterfly embellishment I put together ages ago (for some reason I made probably 20 or more of these!). If you look at the center card and the right hand card, you’ll notice a similar label on each (also on the pics above). I had several pieces of patterned paper cut into banner shapes that I wanted to use up so I turned them into tags.


A little Halloween card and a pink Easter card.


Had some random circle shapes cut out so I layered them into these embellishments and put them on a card with glittery strips.


Pink butterflies and tiny flowers. Pearls and rhinestones really give them some sparkle and make the card stand out.


Notice another of the tags on the right side. And the left side card is similar to the ones at the top of this article.


Okay, these didn’t use any leftover pieces, but they are cute!


I had the teacups and the labels and bird sitting in my pile. So glad I found a way to use them!


Also not using up pieces, unless you count the vellum words applied at the bottom! I stamped and embossed the golden feathers, then hand colored them. I colored the edges of the vellums and the card layers as well and added sparkly gems to each card. I love sparkly gems.


If you were counting, I did not show you all the cards! I did make duplicates of some patterns (the butterflies, for example – I made five of those) and I didn’t think I needed to overwhelm you with all the pictures! There’s enough here already!




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