10 March 2017

I haven’t been crafty for a little bit. Things got a little hectic and life happened. But I sat myself down and made this painting yesterday.

I started with some scrap wood pieces from the garage. We live in a neighborhood still being built, so I frequently scavenge scrap wood from the construction sites. I love being able to use something that was destined for trash.


I glued two long pieces on the back as supports. I sanded all the edges down and rounded the corners.  I then gave it a coat of dark brown and dry brushed over that with a lighter tan.


I decided to paint the boards in fourths for the most part. The first part was the lightest shade, followed by the turquoise. Yes, they’re upside down. I turned it over when it was dry.

I didn’t paint the colors solid as I wanted some of the background to show through. I could have also sanded for the same effect, but I was happy with the result as shown.

Next came the dark blue and the yellow and orange.


I blended the yellow and orange a bit and am really pleased by the result!

Finally, the words!

“Let It Be” – to remind me to let go of things beyond my control and just accept. 🙂





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