5 July 2017

I’ve been lax in crafting lately. I had a trip out of town and then played catchup when I got home. My son had a week of camp as soon as I returned. Then the holiday weekend.

My craft fairy is a little out of practice! I made two cards yesterday and this shell today. It’s been a bit of a struggle, to be honest. It’s always this way for me when I have some time off. Getting back into a routine is difficult. I’m a master procrastinator.

I saw a craft on Etsy that inspired me to attempt this painted shell. I’ve been decluttering and reorganizing my house (and craft room – again!) and I just happened to have this shell right at hand.

One thing that occurred to me, after I started painting, is that I should have put a base coat of white. I may not have needed so many coats for good coverage!


Coming along nicely here.


I drew in the little trees by hand to start with. This gave me the ability to have good spacing before I put my brush on the shell.


It was a little harder than I thought to paint those little guys. They are black and green with a bit of dark bronze at the base.

All finished. Added the little stars up at the top. It’s a sunset with trees! I’m pleased for my first attempt at this type of craft.



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