14 May 2017

I made two of these bright and colorful hummingbird cards. I enjoyed working with the bright colors on these. It’s a relatively new technique for me so it was an experiment.


I did all the background colors first, then stamped the image over the top of them.


I added some extra black to the bird to make him more of a focal point. I put gems on the flowers to add some dimension.


I added some subtle sparkle to the flower petals, but as usual I’m having trouble making it show up in my photos!



7 May 2017

I managed to make a few cards today. All my family members went out to the movies and I was home alone so I took advantage of the time. 🙂

Some colorful leaf themed cards. The sentiments on here are quite lovely, in my opinion. I like cards that can be used for any occasion and for men or women. These fit that quite nicely.

Simple butterfly cards, again suitable for any occasion. I made four of these as well.


Finally, some very simple, but sparkly, cards. The colors are quite subdued here, which is a bit unlike me, but I love the simplicity of this. I also made four of these. Four seemed to be the magic number!