25 March 2018

Here are a few more cards from my session yesterday.

On this card, I used my Brushos to create the stenciled background. I have to say, I really LOVE how this one came out. I used a combination of three colors and they all worked so well together.



This card is done with the same stencil and technique as the above card, but with different colors. This combination is just so happy!



24 March 2018

I am having a great day today! We put a bird feeder in front of my craft room window and I get to watch birds when I’m at the craft table. It’s wonderful. They aren’t used to it yet so they keep watching me through the window.


I made a lot of cards today. I love when the ideas flow smoothly and I get stuff done! A great music selection helps a lot, too. Lately my favorite is Rag N Bone Man radio on Pandora. I’ve found so many new artists on this station that I really love.

This card is going to my friend, Christy. It just reminds me of her so I’m going to send her this one and the one following. I made the backgrounds with my new Brusho watercolour crystals. I’m still learning how best to manipulate them, but I am improving every time.  I do need to remember to  wear gloves though! They stain my fingertips.


This one is made similarly to the above card. Brusho crystals on the background. I then stamped the trees across the bottom and stamped and heat embossed the sentiment at the top. The white dots are a combination of stamped gesso, topped with acrylic paint. I do wish they had been slightly brighter, but for my first time doing this technique, I’m pleased.


Look for more cards tomorrow! I’ve been having so much fun today!




21 March 2018

We had a snow day today so I spent the entire day in my craft room. It’s been a long time since I crafted for an entire day! My fingers are stained and I’m a bit sticky with glue but that’s all part of the fun.

I’ve been working with a new to me product and not having the best of luck with it. The learning curve is a bit bigger than I thought. So I had a few pieces I had created but I didn’t like that much. I challenged myself to turn them into something that I did like. Here are the results.

The first image is a canvas board. The feather on the left is heat embossed and then I colored all over and around it.  On the right side, I adhered white tissue paper to the canvas board. After it dried, I used my ink pads to add some color to it and then I stamped the birds and the sentiment. To finish it off, I added a few sparkly gems – you know I love my sparkle.


The next picture is similar to the first in how I made the central image. I stamped the bird later and cut it out before adhering it to the image. On the board behind the image I glued some thin brown paper that I had inked up with brown ink. After I put it on the board and it dried, I added some gold ink to brighten it up. And of course, sparkle. 🙂



15 March 2018

Stopping by to say hello to all of you who have been so kind and are still here! I realize I’ve been off the blog for quite some time – moving house required a lot more of my time and energy than I realized! With the unpacking, organizing (ha! Still in process!), painting and general home maintenance, I’ve been busy almost every single day. Those projects are winding down now, thank goodness.

I’ve ordered some new products (Brusho water colour crystals) and I’m slowly teaching myself how to work with them. I’ve had some spectacular failures but that’s okay. I’m still having fun. Must remember to wear gloves when working with this product though. It stains.

So here are a few simple cards I’ve done today; only the blue ones have used Brusho and in a very simplistic way. After my failures, I decided to start simple and move up instead of starting at the top of the ladder!

Pardon the bad lighting.  It’s too windy to try to photograph these outside today!



25 December 2017

Merry Christmas to all of you! I hope you’re having a wonderful day. Last night I worked on this card. Trying a new technique. Feel free to leave your opinion!


There is sparkle on the water-colored square, though it’s hard to see on this image.

Happy Holidays everyone!


24 December 2017

It’s been far too long since my last visit here. There’s been so much going on in my life that crafting just wasn’t a priority for a while.

There was the move, being diagnosed with an autoimmune disorder, the unpacking at the new house (that’s still going on!), getting to know the new area, trying to find new doctors and a new hairdresser (FYI, hairdresser came first 🙂 ), decorating and home maintenance. I really want to paint the entire downstairs and upstairs hall. I can’t hang up any pictures on the walls until that happens! Hopefully with the coming of the New Year, things will settle into a new normal for us and I can get back to regular crafting. I miss it!

Every year I send out handmade Christmas cards to my nearest and dearest. This year, I wasn’t feeling quite myself when I made the list AND a few weeks later when I wrote out all the cards. Apparently I missed quite a few of my closest friends! My apologies, dear ones. I had a migraine both of those days and I don’t know what happened. Forgive me. I’ll make it up to you all next year.

For all of you who didn’t receive a card, here’s what you missed. Love you all!