9 Sept 2017

Have I dropped off the face of the Earth or what? It sure feels that way. We’ve been in free fall for several weeks here – ever since my husband came home and said we had 12 weeks to move! He got a job transfer. So life is a little hectic and my crafting has been put aside for now.

We took two trips to our new state (8 hours from here) to look at the area and find a property. We vacillated between renting and buying but buying won out once we got a good look at the rental market! So that was an adventure. Luckily we have the best real estate agent in the world.

During all this chaos, I’ve actually managed to get sick twice. I’m sure it’s the stress. I even got shingles! Not fun, but just another part of this great adventure!

We are busy going through all our things and sorting out what to keep and what gets donated. I’ve had a good clear out of my craft room! We took THREE loads of donations of used craft supplies and craft books and magazines to the local Boys and Girls Club. My friend, Nikki, told me that they accept  used craft supplies so they have surely benefited from all I gave!

I thought it would be difficult to part with all my stuff but the reality is that it’s been quite a good exercise. I actually have only kept those craft things I KNOW I will do. No more once and done projects that I *think* are cool. No more saving EVERY SINGLE PROJECT from Pinterest because it’s neat. Now, I can admire those projects and let someone else do them!

I’ve kept all my acrylic paints and paint supplies. I’ve kept almost all of my stamps and card making supplies. I culled out a lot of my scrapbook paper (I had enough for several lifetimes and there was no way I could use it all). And now, I’m packing what is left. It’s still a lot.

I’m looking forward to the new place. I’ll have my own craft room! My husband gave me the large, sunny room on the main floor and he will put his study in one of the upstairs spare bedrooms. I feel so lucky and intimidated all at the same time. The new space will be great, but this current room has a walk in closet and the new place does not. That will take some adjusting. I’m sure it will all work out in the end.

This is a picture of the new craft room taken from the real estate listing. That’s not my furniture! I’ll have a lot more stuff in there! 🙂ISiji6i6jugbk71000000000

And this is where I’m at now in my craft room – all my stamps are packed away in boxes! Look at the sad, empty shelves!



So watch this space for upcoming information! I’ll be back in a few weeks!


5 July 2017

I’ve been lax in crafting lately. I had a trip out of town and then played catchup when I got home. My son had a week of camp as soon as I returned. Then the holiday weekend.

My craft fairy is a little out of practice! I made two cards yesterday and this shell today. It’s been a bit of a struggle, to be honest. It’s always this way for me when I have some time off. Getting back into a routine is difficult. I’m a master procrastinator.

I saw a craft on Etsy that inspired me to attempt this painted shell. I’ve been decluttering and reorganizing my house (and craft room – again!) and I just happened to have this shell right at hand.

One thing that occurred to me, after I started painting, is that I should have put a base coat of white. I may not have needed so many coats for good coverage!


Coming along nicely here.


I drew in the little trees by hand to start with. This gave me the ability to have good spacing before I put my brush on the shell.


It was a little harder than I thought to paint those little guys. They are black and green with a bit of dark bronze at the base.

All finished. Added the little stars up at the top. It’s a sunset with trees! I’m pleased for my first attempt at this type of craft.



13 June 2017

A sweet and simple Mother’s Day card. Yes, I know, the holiday has passed. But it never hurts to be prepared. 🙂


The background is simply stamped with two different colors and some background stamps. The flower is stamped in a similar color and punched out. I added some sparkle to it, as you can see.



7 June 2017

I worked on a small mixed media project over the past few days. I read this saying online and decided it was a lovely sentiment to use. That was my starting point.


From there, everything else just grew organically. The background was white gesso, printed tissue paper, and spackled dots. I topped that with Distress Stain in several colors, followed by the addition of the heart and sentiment (printed on green tissue paper).


I edged the tissue with stain and splattered some white paint onto the entire thing (you can see some of this on the heart). I topped the heart with some Wink of Stella clear glitter, which barely shows up in photos, but it’s there!


The butterfly is three layers glued together – pink, purple and the top is white. I stamped the top layer and added gems then darkened the edges a bit with some ink before adhering to the project. In the above photo, you can see where I painted the spackled dots bright green as well.

Now to find some more wall space to hang this one!