Handmade Cards

A Good Day

What a great day today! A chat with a friend (Ms Emma Rose, who has gifted me with much of these card supplies), a lovely dog walk this morning, all the laundry washed, art class with my kids, dinner made by my husband and some cards to show you!

There are three mini Christmas notelets and two standard size Christmas cards. I wish I wasn’t such a terrible photographer so you could see the glitter on the larger Christmas cards!  I’m working on my techniques so hopefully there will be some improvement soon.

Ah, here you can also see my Loki “helping” me by trying to steal my ribbon. He’s such a goofy cat. He is only one of four adopted cats that we have! We also have three rescued dogs. It can be such a zoo at times but no matter how much we complain, we love having our pets.

Finally, my purple card. Now, I’ll be honest, purple is NOT one of my favorite colors so working with it can sometimes be difficult for me. Give me some feedback on this and let me know how it turned out. I tried taking close up photos to show that the flowers all have some sparkle added to them.


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